Ludwig Goransson: Right now I work on four shows a week, so that takes a lot of my time right now.

Portable: And that’s New Girl, Community, Happy Endings, and…

Ludwig Goransson: Animal Practice.

Portable: I don’t have a lot of experience with Animal Practice, any word on that?

Ludwig Goransson: Well, it’ll probably be cancelled.

Portable: Ah, well more free time to work on your own stuff.

Ludwig Goransson: Yeah, I need it.

Portable: I think most people who know your soundtrack work would be Community fans; they’ve got these rabid fans who’d go and put in the effort to find out about every bit of the production.

Ludwig Goransson: The music on Community is very important, a big part of the show.

Portable: The way it switches genres every episode lends a lot of freedom and fun to a composer!

Ludwig Goransson: Dan Harmon was always very supportive, letting me record w/ an orchestra or just do whatever to make the music as good as possible.

Portable: How do you think the show’ll change now that he’s gone?

Ludwig Goransson: I’m not gonna change my music. The actors won’t change how they act. Sure, the story and writing’ll change. We’ll see.